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Allied Nuclear

To limit global warming to no more than 2 degrees centigrade, countries will need to reduce carbon emissions and make an anticipated investment in clean energy of about $14tn over the next 30 years. Allied Nuclear builds partnerships to rethink the ways nuclear energy is delivered and to enable broad access to safe, carbon-free energy.

Allied Nuclear creates teaming structures to fulfill IP3’s goal to fortify relationships and protect critical infrastructure for lasting stability. Borrowing from the 20th-century success of defense acquisition strategies, diverse teams are able to radically rethink flexible financing for the energy sector. Our innovations build on the international connectivity of today’s supply chains to rethink the way nuclear energy is delivered and to enable broad access to safe, carbon-free energy.

Impact investing changes constructs for public-private partnerships. IP3’s vision is to create thriving, peaceful environments in critical world markets through the development of sustainable energy and security infrastructure via public/private initiatives and U.S. industry-led partnerships. As a result, Allied Nuclear exists to help companies and governments align with market efforts to meet environmental, social, and governance goals.

Weaving rewarding and enduring opportunities into the future for generations to come, new nuclear energy will emerge as part of the energy mix. It delivers reliable returns while meeting conservation and poverty reduction goals. Few other energy sources can scale as effectively to address water scarcity, protect natural resources and preserve national sovereignty. Innovation and renewables have brought us far, and countries can reach net-zero goals with the inclusion of new nuclear.

Special purpose companies like Allied Nuclear offer tools that investors can deploy to accelerate the energy transition. They create value through the integration of activities designed to serve the diversified needs of partners. IP3 relies on Allied Nuclear to focus on the ecosystem impacts of an enterprise and to link successes throughout a supply chain.

Nations need to be able to produce energy that can power industrial and commercial development. These, in turn, create jobs and economic growth. Infrastructure for nuclear science and engineering allows countries and communities to retool their energy economy, achieve stable baseload power and improve the quality of life across the country. In this context, energy is critical infrastructure and must be protected. Without it, societies suffer.

IP3 Security assists nations and industrial leaders in developing a comprehensive approach to security for critical infrastructure and emerging nuclear programs. Given that many security measures need to begin at the inception of nuclear reactor design and construction, early consideration of criteria, requirements and specifications is essential. Over the long term, all countries with atomic energy sectors will have to evolve their approaches to security as new technologies emerge, new threats emerge, and geopolitical and security dynamics change. IP3 Security will position itself as an enduring partner in managing change and staying ahead of security risks, committing to a deep commitment that will span 50+ years.

IP3 Security’s lines of business are organized into three domains: National Defense and Intelligence, Security for Energy Systems, and Customized Integration of Civilian and Defense Systems. IP3 Security develops capacity-building tools and methods with its clients that can be jointly replicated with other regional partners. As a program integrator, IP3 combines strategy and planning, security services, and intellectual property development to address total grid security needs. Energy systems must marry security requirements with operational efficiency, safety, and the transparency measures required by international safeguards.