About Us

The mission of IP3 is to be the lead U.S. integrator for the development and operations of peaceful and secure nuclear power in the global marketplace. IP3’s vision is to create thriving, peaceful environments in critical world markets through the development of sustainable energy and security infrastructure via public/private initiatives and U.S. industry-led partnerships.

IP3 is a specialized enterprise with energy security expertise which is delivering a “buy-side” approach for host nations to pursue the planning, development, financing, and operations of new nuclear energy projects. The corporation was formed in 2016, when it became clear many nations throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia, as well as the Middle East, maintained firm intent on adopting nuclear power generation.

IP3 carries out relevant work as a developer of nuclear energy programs in coordination with its fully owned subsidiary, Allied Nuclear Partners (ANP). A second subsidiary, IP3 Security, provides physical and cyber security expertise.

Plans to industrialize economies away from reliance on coal, oil, and natural gas and toward zero-emission solutions such as nuclear energy reveal policy and market factors which have coalesced to create significant market opportunities. IP3 leads discussions with capital sources and technical enterprises to manage these opportunities into successful components of the global energy transition. Substantial interest in nuclear energy for electricity and process heat applications have informed the way IP3 designed its “Flexible Financing” approach, with options for host nation engagement.

From IP3’s perspective, nuclear energy is a national security priority. For more than 70 years the United States has set the standards for the safety and security of nuclear power plants throughout the world. IP3 internationalizes the tradition of transparency by the commercial civil nuclear industry and the close coordination required between industry and government. The company’s approach emphasizes the strengths of individual industries to come together in a best-of-breed model. This U.S.-led, ally-supported, commercial structure reinforces policy goals in nuclear non-proliferation, energy decarbonization, and enhanced relationships with allies around the globe.

“The fact that IP3 is even attempting to make nuclear reactors part of an ESG pitch is a striking sign of the climate times — and one which, in my view, should be welcomed.”

“Looking to our allies, particularly fellow members of the Five Eyes group – Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the US., we can devise the investment and solutions needed on our journey to meet climate targets. We need more than wishful thinking. We still have time to act. The time to do so is now.”

“Energy animates a country’s economy and underpins the technological capacity to protect itself and defend its interests. IP3 improves energy’s value proposition beyond that of a market commodity to help shape international relationships.”