Powering Stability and Growth

A global enterprise to develop sustainable energy and security infrastructure

IP3 offers a buy-side flexible financing approach tailored with nuclear expertise and superior security capabilities. We believe risk-managed nuclear energy is the most effective way to activate a dramatic mobilization of capital for emissions reduction.

International Peace, Power and Prosperity is what IP3 represents.

IP3 is the lead U.S. integrator for the development and operations of peaceful and secure civil nuclear power in the global marketplace. IP3’s vision is to create thriving, peaceful environments in critical world markets through the development of sustainable energy and security infrastructure via public/private initiatives and industry-led partnerships.


Together, IP3 and its commercial partners deliver secure nuclear power, enabling economic development and empowering workers to thrive in a 21st-century knowledge economy.


IP3 is a specialized enterprise with energy security expertise which is delivering a “buy-side” approach for host nations to pursue the planning, development, financing, and operations of new nuclear energy projects. The corporation was formed in 2016, when it became clear many nations throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia, as well as the Middle East, maintained firm intent on adopting nuclear power generation.

IP3 carries out relevant work as a developer and integrator of nuclear energy programs in coordination with its fully owned subsidiary, Allied Nuclear Partners (ANP). A second subsidiary, IP3 Security, provides physical and cyber security expertise.

IP3’s founders built Allied Nuclear Partners with a network of highly respected companies and executives, They maintain extensive expertise and strong global networks across governments and nuclear operators. The team invested years of effort crafting and refining collaborative strategies to improve the scalability of nuclear energy projects. Borrowing lessons learned from the defense acquisition process, IP3 adapts proven approaches to financing procurements for large-scale, long-term infrastructure.

Slow progress among industrialized economies to achieve net-zero goals suggests the energy transition requires a new paradigm. Established, Western nations with minimal growth in electricity demand have demonstrated that decarbonization is a luxury. Until demand no longer outpaces the availability of carbon-free technologies, the transition to a low-carbon energy system will be challenged by economic transitions. Clean energy transitions must accommodate economic transition efforts to energize poor communities. In tandem, the new clean energy sector will create industries, provide jobs, and grow the global technology base in order to improve health and wellbeing.

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